Tax Debt Introductory Considerations

Let’s back up and do an introduction and talk about some important points about what tax debt is and how to best deal with it. Tax debt considerations in Long Beach, California can be more critical than for states that have no state income tax, or in sates that have a reasonable state tax. The […]

A Tax Debt Only Comparison of Offer-In-Compromise and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in California Graduating From a Homelessness Base Case

IntroductionTable 1 indicates some comparison of the conditions through which one may enter and take advantage of either offer-in-compromise or chapter 7 bankruptcy shown side by side for a partial comparison. Table 2 involves a progression starting with an individual with tax debt only with additions toproperty by category and with level income used only […]

How Far Can You Delay Paying Federal Tax Authorities Before Criminal Tax Evasion Charges are Filed?

A series of related cases illustrate the very bad results that can come from fighting the IRS in a non-direct way. We have heard informal rules of thumb regarding tax evasion. One rule of thumb might be that if you actually evade payment of tax for huge sum of money that you are more likely […]

Taxpayer First Act Credit Card Trap

President Donald Trump signed the Taxpayer First Act on July 1, 2019. The Taxpayer First Act has a number of provisions, some of which will help IRS with its internal processes, and some of which are external and aspirational. As to one of the provisions, the IRS is about to embark on a relationship with […]

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